557 East Utica Street


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1950's and 2006 Photo: David Torke, fixBuffalo


557 East Utica Street, Buffalo, NY 14208
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 100.51-1-27
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City of Buffalo

Physical Description

2.5 story Victorian home.

  • "557 is an outstanding example of how bold forms and ornament can make a house standout in a neighborhood. The bold broken and scrolled swan's neck decoration in the third floor gable reflects both the colonial revival style of the period as well as the exuberance of the time in which it was constructed. It adds a grace note to the street, being both a singular presence and part of a stronger historic neighborhood." Julian Adams, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)

Current Condition

Demolished 2012


Was home to one family for over 60 years (1930s to 1993)

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 1993 - Tax Sale
  • 2000 - Vacant
  • 2001 - Foreclosure
  • 2010 - City of Buffalo takes ownership
  • July 2012 - Demolition halted for 30 days
    • Newer roof, a high level of original integrity on the exterior and interior, and is dry as a bone throughout. Mike Puma, Views of Buffalo

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