Shea's Hippodrome / Fountain Plaza


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June 2014
Photos: Joe Sparacio via Bflo History Museum, Cinema Treasures, Mark Paradowski


580 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
SBL: 111.46-2-1.12
Ellicott Council District
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Next to: Corona Hotel
Across from: 571 Main Street and 577 Main Street


City of Buffalo per City of Buffalo Property Information

Physical Description

Two story commercial building and frontage for a larger movie theater to the rear.

Current Condition

Church demolished early 1900s. Theater demolished some time after 1950, possibly in the 1980s.


  • 1847 - Former site of Dr. Ebenezer Johnson's home, which had been burned down by Indians, becomes the site of the North Presbyterian Church. It cost $40,000 and sat 1,800 people.
  • January 1904 - With population shifting North, the Church relocated to Delaware and sold the property to Keith's Entertainment, who later sold it Michael Shea
  • 1914 - Shea’s Hippodrome
history via BuffaloAH and WNY Heritage Press
  • 1951 - The building was renovated to the plans of architect Michael J. DeAngelis, when the original marquee had been removed and replaced with a 1950’s style with the name “Center” on it. Cinema Treasures

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