587 Potomac Avenue


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587 Potomac Avenue
Photo credit: Sunday Skateshop. Click for larger image.


587 Potomac Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222


  • Formerly Donald J. and Lori Leone; possibly Garibaldi LLC
  • Sold by the Leones to Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, October 2016.

Physical Description

  • Two-story commercial red brick building with ornate brickwork and large display windows on first floor.
  • Unusual entrance to basement and first floor levels, stepping up and down half a story, from the front of the building.

Current Condition

  • Long used as a skateboard shop. Now empty after skateboard business moved to Grant Street.


  • Built 1903; designed by Ulysses G. Orr.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Long-time tenant Sunday Skateshop said on Facebook 12/30/2015: "Due to proposed redevelopment of our block and upcoming demolition of our building we will be moving to a new location. We will remain open at our current location throughout the holiday season into the new year and reopen in our new home at 212 Grant Street next to @sweetness7cafe in March 2016."
  • Rumored to be demolished in the near future for a proposed development project involving the buildings and parcels on and near Elmwood between Potomac and Bidwell Parkway.
  • October 27, 2016 - Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. has decided to save and rehabilitate, rather than demolish.

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