Martucci Pizzeria Building


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Photo credit: PRS, Martucci family


625 Walden Avenue, Buffalo NY 14211
Also known as 631 Walden Avenue
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Lovejoy Council District
SBL: 101.65-11-4
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Across from: 618 Walden Avenue, 628 Walden Avenue, 630 Walden Avenue, 637 Walden Avenue


DIGANTO PROPERTIES CORP per City of Buffalo Property Information
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

2 story commercial building (somewhere between 12-16,000 sq.ft.) on the SW corner of Walden and Brinkman.
2-3 first floor storefronts and 5 apartments on the second floor, plus a full basement.

Current Condition



  • Built in either 1905 or 1910
  • 1930s - Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company store location
  • 1940s - Location of 'Andy's Lunch' counter
  • The larger of two storefronts was also an appliance store at one point
  • 1950s-2000 - Location of one of Buffalo's most famous original pizzerias, Martucci's. Joseph and Judith Martucci ran the business until it closed in 2000.
    • 'Joseph's father was one of the original pizza chefs in the social club that gave Bocce Club its name, and had been running a pizza shop founded in the 1920s on Swan Street.' Buffalo News
  • Mid-2000s - Nail Club nail salon operated in the former pizzeria storefront for many years

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2008 - Loopnet listing: 'Historical tin ceilings, updated roof in last 5 years and new hot water tanks for all units. Parking lot in the rear. New Certificate of Occupancy obtained 2008.'
  • December 2016 - Ownership changed from AMANO REAL ESTATE LLC to DIGANTO PROPERTIES CORP

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Joseph Martucci was once a record-setting MUNY League pitcher scouted by the Brooklyn Dodgers, before an injury derailed his pitching career. Buffalo News
    He was a three sport star at Burgard High School, and also led his MUNY League basketball team to a league title in 1955.


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