Fisherman's Wharf Building


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Photos by Karl Joster, PRS


64 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo, NY 14202


  • 64 West Chippewa Associates LLC

Physical Description

  • Ornate brick four story building on a corner parcel, with corner turret and arched windows

Current Condition

  • Demolished. The land sat vacant for five years before being replaced with a nondescript two story cinderblock structure.


  • 1989 - Developer and self-proclaimed preservationist Myron Robbins purchases the building.
    • "I'm a preservationist," Robbins said. "I had the money, so I stepped in and grabbed the building. The building is safe at this point,” adding, “I've committed myself to making sure the building doesn't deteriorate any further and that at some point it will be completely restored." Buffalo News
  • 1992 - 'Robbins asked for permits to tear the building down.' Buffalo News
  • 1993 - 'Judge Frank A. Sedita II ordered an emergency demolition.' Buffalo News
  • 1998 - $400,000 Soho nightclub was built

Recent Events and Actions Taken

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