Morseman House / Old Stone House


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Morseman House / Old Stone House
Morseman House / Old Stone House
Morseman House / Old Stone House
Morseman House / Old Stone House
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6706 Lake Shore Road, Derby NY 14047


  • Gary C. Graber & Suzanne E. Stewart, per online County property database
  • Per Michael Collins on Facebook: "Tax records say Drew & Candace Blum of West Falls NY. They closed Nov 2015. Lot is 100 x 330."

Physical Description

Current Condition

  • Demolished January 19, 2016.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Al Allerton on Facebook, January 18, 2016: "This was one of the oldest homes in the area, built sometime in the very early 1800's and served as a stagecoach stop on Old Lake Shore Rd, long before Rt. 5 ever existed. Also rumored to be part of the Underground Railroad. The house sold just last November 23rd for $212,500. The backyard overlooks the cliffs in Highland (Derby), a very amazing view of Buffalo and Canada. I grew up about a mile away. Friends in the area just informed me new owners have just started demolishing it today. I knew it was for sale for the last few years, but never thought it would be sold to be leveled."

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