69 Whitney Place


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69 Whitney Place
69 Whitney Place

Roof work, July 2018
Photo credit: Radle, Abell

69 Whitney Place, Buffalo NY 14201


  • Efraim Ullman

Physical Description

  • 2 1/2 story brick house with mansard roof.

Current Condition

  • Roof has large hole/collapse, letting a lot of water inside the building.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • September 26, 2018 - the property was sold at the Erie County foreclosure auction for $100,000.
  • September 2020: Report from a neighbor: "Looks like repairs are happening at 69 Whitney that make it pretty clear itís not heading to the demolition list. Roofers have been working all week putting on a new roof and some other repairs and cleanup have occurred in the last 30 days including the removal of trash in the alley between 69 and 65 Whitney."

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