Youngstown Cold Storage Facility


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Youngstown Cold Storage Facility
Youngstown Cold Storage Facility
Photo credit: US EPA

701 Nancy Rice Drive, Youngstown NY 14174


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From EPA Site Profile: The former Youngstown Cold Storage facility provided local farmers with a cold storage service for harvested produce. The facility was established in 1911 but it has not been used since 2001 as a result of changes in the handling of produce. The facility is currently owned by a corporation of farmers.

The site consists of one, three story stone building (warehouse) and a single story brick building (ice house) situated on 2.4 acres in a residential area. A small single family residence is also part of the property and the tenant leases it from Youngstown Cold Storage.

The site is located in a residential setting at 701 Nancy Price Drive (Third Street), Youngstown, Niagara County, New York. A public park, Veteranís Park, containing balls fields, tennis courts and picnic areas lies directly across Third Street. The Youngstown Fire Department and single family residential units are located on the adjoining streets.

During an investigation on September 5, 2003 by officials from the Village of Youngstown, anhydrous ammonia vapors were detected in both buildings. Real time ammonia monitors indicated levels in the ice house of 25 to 30 ppm and in the warehouse at 140 to155 ppm. The NIOSH Time Weighted Average (TWA) is 25 ppm and the Immediately Dangerous to Life & Health (IDLH) limit is 300 ppm.

On September 8, 2003 someone entered the site and opened a one inch pipe valve on the ammonia system. A neighbor noticed the release, jammed a broomstick up the pipe to stop the leak and called the fire department.

In addition to the ammonia release, various containers were observed on the ground floors of both buildings. Container sizes ranged from 55 gallon steel drums to less than five gallons. The containers themselves were in varying stages of deterioration. Spilled material was evident on the floors. Visual inspection indicated the presence of oils and other lubricants.

The NYSDEC requested response and removal assistance from the US EPA on September 9, 2003.

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Jeff M. Bechtel
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