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Bill Blake


706 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14212‎


  • PARSON EDWARD & RUBY O per propertyviewer

Physical Description

  • Three story brick commercial building on a corner parcel

Current Condition

  • Appears secure but possibly unused.


  • The first record of the building pops up in the 1869 Buffalo city directory, where it's recorded as being a grocery store owned by George Krupp and later his widow Barbara, a business that endured until 1873.
  • Bill Blake, from Facebook group Former Buffalo Restaurants & Bars: c. 1906 - John Joseph Schopf's Sample Room was located at 706 Broadway Ave. The Sample Room would only last about 5 years at which time John became the night manager at JPW Hotel & Saloon. He passed away at age 64 in 1935.
  • 'Ed's Dry Cleaners' is the business signage remaining on one of the storefronts

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