Public School 30


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Photos courtesy Buffalo Rising, D Raphael Failla, Catherine Faust


709 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222
Also known as 701 Elmwood Avenue
SBL: 100.30-1-46
Delaware Council District
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M&T Bank
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Physical Description

Multi-level brick school building

Current Condition

Demolished. Currently a small one story branch of M&T Bank surrounded by surface parking.


Originally called Public School 56, then re-named Public School 30 when School 56 moved to Delavan Ave.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

Architect David Steele: "Today, if still standing, that old school building would likely be housing 30 or so highly sought after apartments. It likely would be paying the city far more in taxes than the bank does and would be providing local businesses with more customers. It would have also been adding far more interest to the street as well. The old school is gone for good. Lamenting its loss is not an exercise in nostalgia. It is a lesson in the pitfall of short-sighted thinking."


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