Public School 26


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Demolished Janaury 2016

Public School 26

Photo: David Torke, fixBuffalo


82 Harrison Street, Buffalo NY 14210
SBL: 123.38-1-1
Lovejoy Council District
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Physical Description

Current Condition


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • May 2014: Proposed for demolition "for future development of a community center".
  • March 2015 - the City of Buffalo will demolish this building and build a community center.
  • June 2015 - Seneca Babcock Community Association, citing excessive delays and lack of responsiveness from the City, announce they will not be building a new community center but will use funds raised to upgrade their current building.
    • Their statement: "It is with deep regret and much frustration that we report that the Seneca-Babcock Community Association, Inc. will NOT be building a new Seneca Babcock Community Center on the current site of the old Buffalo Public School 26. After 4 years of talk and negotiations with the City of Buffalo we are no further along with the demolition of School 26 and the transfer of land than day 1. We have received many written and verbal confirmations throughout the past 4 years only to be told this project is held up with some committee in City Hall. A couple months ago we posted a letter on Facebok from the City of Buffalo stating they were committing $600,000 for the demo and we would have shovel ready property by June 1, 2015. Today we are being told we might have shovel ready property by December 1, 2015. After a long talk with Dr. Dan Alexander today we feel that it is in the best interest of the Community to move forward with what we have and continue to provide the best services we can at our current location. It is unfortunate that the City of Buffalo is passing over a much needed Community Center/Clinic in an area that needs a shot in the arm and can possibly rejuvenate a community that is over run with drug and alcohol problems. On a positive note, any funds raised will be used to renovate our current building allowing us to expand our food pantry, clothing closet and other programs we currently provide. Also, more positive news will be announced in the upcoming weeks."
  • Demolished January 2016.

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No longer for sale. Go to this page to see other Buffalo Public Schools For Sale.

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