Ruda's Record Store


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May 6, 2022
Mark Kohan, PRS, Bartel Miller


915 Broadway, Buffalo, NY 14212
SBL: 111.44-2-3
Fillmore Council District
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Next to: 917 Broadway


NORTH FRONTIER LLC per City of Buffalo Property Information

Physical Description

Current Condition


  • 1914 - Built as Alexander Maisel's music store by architect Eli W. Goldstein (per Chris Hawley)
  • 1950 - Don and Virginia Ruda open Ruda's Record Store (had locations in Polonia and in Lackawanna)
  • 1960 - Owner listed as JASINSKI STANLEY & 1
  • 1984 - Owner listed as RUDA DONALD & VIRGINIA
  • Early 1990s - Ruda's downsizes to storefront on William St. in Cheektowaga, closing the Broadway location
  • 1996 - Owner listed as CLINTON ERNEST JR
  • 1997 - Virginia Ruda continued to run the store after her husbandís death in 1997
  • June 2007 - Ruda's closes Cheektowaga location

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2015 - Owner listed as BEST HALAL INC
  • March 2019 - Owner listed as NORTH FRONTIER LLC
  • May 2019 - According to news at a block club meeting, the owner hopes to demolish 915 Broadway (and perhaps eventually 917 Broadway) for a more suburban development
  • May 6, 2022 - "Emergency" demo used by the City to use taxpayer funds on demo and avoid public input. A proper demo permit application would require Preservation Board review and the owner's own funds.
    • Owner at time of demo:
      5792 MAIN ST

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