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Hamlin's Department Store / 93 Pearl Ramp


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June 2017
Photo by Jerry Malloy The Buffalo History Gazette, PRS, David Steele, Buffalo News


93 Pearl Street Buffalo, NY 14202
Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.69-3-6
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Next to: Federal Reserve Bank and W.M. Walker Co
Adjacent to: Barnes & Hengerer / Sweeney Co. Building
Across from: Webb Building


93 Pearl Parking LLC (Paul Kolkmeyer / Priam Enterprises) per propertyviewer
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

Ornate six story brick commercial building.
Later a four-story/five-level 97,270 sq.ft., 278-space parking ramp with some first floor retail space. Upper floors consisted of strips of glassy openings and glazed terra cotta cladding.

Current Condition

Original six-story commercial building was demolished.
The parking garage replacement is operational but has been brutalized, with all windows filled in with concrete block. In addition, the ornamental signage and roof detail has been partially removed.


  • 1846 - Cicero Jabez Hamlin located in Buffalo, where he engaged in various dry goods businesses until 1871.
  • Six-story commercial building on site had a sign for Hamlin's Department Store. This location is also directly behind the Hamlin Block, which housed Barnes, Hengerer, and Sweeney Companies over the years.
  • 1925 - 4 story parking ramp replaced the 6 story building

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • June 2016 - Paul Kolkmeyer’s Priam Enterprises purchased the ramp as 93 Pearl Parking LLC for $3.1 million from Victor Pearla Associates
  • Summer 2017 - Rehab work is being performed on the garage and its two storefronts. The $2 million renovation is said to include a facade facelift, new roof, new interior lighting, and the removal of the window blocks. Buffalo News

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Joseph Ellicott Historic Preservation District


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