Freezer Queen / Queen City Landing


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Photo credit: Skyline Sunsets (flickr), Business First


975 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Buffalo NY 14203


  • Gerry Buchheit
  • Queen City Landing LLC

Physical Description

  • Six story, 271,000 sq.ft. steel reinforced concrete warehouse along Lake Erie.

Current Condition

  • Unusued, renovation plan announced


  • 1958 - Freezer Queen founded by Buffalo businessman Paul Snyder as a frozen food packaging company; one of the pioneers of the TV dinner industry. Wikipedia
  • The company was later owned by United Foods and then Home Market Foods.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2004 - The Buffalo plant failed a government safety inspection and was closed by Home Market Foods, its corporate parent.
  • 2007 - Public auction of the 20 acres of waterfront land and 300,000 sq.ft. building. Purchased by developer Gerry Buchheit, a principal in Queen City Landing LLC, for $3 million. Business First
  • 2008 - Initial plans for the building included the addition of 2 stories and up to 130 upscale condos.
  • 2015 - Gerry Buchheit says the plan now is a $40 million residential-based makeover with one floor added and 120 apartments, along with a full re-skin of the exterior.
  • March 2016 - Buffalo Business First - "The revised blueprints call for the six-story, 271,000-square-foot former frozen food storage center and warehouse to be razed and replaced with the apartment tower."

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