Buffalo Historical Society (formerly the Pan-American Building)


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Buffalo Historical Society (formerly the Pan-American Building)


1 Museum Court, Buffalo NY 14216


Buffalo Historical Society

Physical Description

Neo-Classical style, Vermont marble face, the south portico is a scaled down version of the Parthenon's east facade.

Current Condition

Good condition, currently in use.


  • Built in 1901, the building is the only permanent structure from the Pan-American Exposition. During the exposition it served as the New York State Pavilion.
  • Immediately after the Exposition, the building became the Buffalo Historical Society's main office.
  • An addition was begun in 1927 and completed in 1929 to match George Cary's, the original architect's, original plans for the building. This addition created the library and auditorium.
  • It is now in use as the Buffalo History Museum

Recent Events and Actions Taken

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