Buffalo Skyway


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Buffalo Skyway (Wikipedia)
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Buffalo Skyway, from Fuhrmann Boulevard
Photo credit: PRS

Buffalo Skyway


  • City of Buffalo

Physical Description

  • Elevated highway/bridge, built to carry road traffic across the Buffalo River and the City Ship Canal and allow room for lake ships to pass underneath.
  • 110 feet of clearance over the water below.
  • Designated as New York State Route 5.
  • Built to connect downtown Buffalo (north end at Church Street and Lower Terrace) with Buffalo's Outer Harbor.

Current Condition

  • In use. Recently rehabilitated.


  • Opened in 1955.
  • Designed by engineer Edward P. Lupfer. Lupfer also designed the Peace Bridge and the Rainbow Bridge, both crossing the Niagara River.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts


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