Delaware Park


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Photo credit: David Steele, Mark Paradowski


2182 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216
SBL: 89.14-3-1
Delaware Council District
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City of Buffalo

Physical Description

Current Condition


  • The largest section of Olmsted's largest Buffalo park is now limited in use strictly to golfers
  • The Scajaquada Expressway, Rt 198, runs a 4 lane divided highway through the center of the park, devastating the surrounding area
    • Half of Hoyt Lake was filled in for the 198; Scajaquada Creek was also significantly narrowed. Both are used as a sewer for highway run-off.
    • A large section of trees around the creek were cut down for entrance ramps.
    • A functional stone bridge and quarry garden were buried with the excavated soil from highway construction, leaving only a stone walkway visible
    • The stone bridge at Elmwood was destroyed, replaced with an ugly viaduct that also altered the shape of Elmwood Avenue
    • The stone pedestrian bridge on Lincoln Parkway is now used as on-ramp. Pedestrians are now required to cross the park at one elevated crossing over the highway
    • The stone bridge for a horse bridle path over Delaware Avenue is now used as a piece of the highway

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2010 - Thomas Herrera-Mishler, Executive Director of Delaware Park, mentioned a 5-10 year plan for re-establishing some of the Quarry Garden

Other Pertinent Facts


Scajaquada 198 Expressway:

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