Parkside Candy Shop (at Oakwood)


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Parkside Candy Shop (at Oakwood). Before photos is watercolor by Dr. V. Roger Lalli

2302 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14214


  • Sandra Archibald Revocable Trust

Physical Description

  • Two story brick building on a corner parcel with first floor storefront.

Current Condition

  • Unused, appears secure.


  • Kaiser family opens the first Parkside Candy shop at this location around 1927
  • A few years later, Parkside Candy Company also built a new ice cream parlour and candy-making plant at Main and Winspear
  • In 1983, the film "The Natural" starring Robert Redford was filmed in Buffalo. The production staff had been searching for a location for the summertime scenes which would authentically recapture the time and spirit of the 1930's, and this was one of the locations chosen
  • Location closes in the early 1990s and the historic interior was removed.
  • Through the '90s and '00s, the building has housed offices and a daycare center. The "neon" sign was removed and its location is unknown.
  • In 2007, it was proposed that the City of Buffalo's film office locate here.
History courtesy Forgotten Buffalo, and David M. Rote on the City of Buffalo website

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts


  • The building is in the process of going up for sale. Any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact Shawntre Allison at
  • This building has been owned by Sandra A. Archibald from the mid to late 80ís to the current date. The neon sign was removed by the original Parkside Candy Company. Itís believed to be the sign at their current location on Main and Winspear. The oak bar, the light fixtures, the old phone booths, the dining booths and the soda fountain equipment is still intact.


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