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Falcon Building

  Lost      Demolition By Neglect  

Falcon Building. Photo by Buffalo Rising


7 Wadsworth Street, Buffalo, NY 14201
Google Bird's Eye View
Common Council District
SBL: 100.77-3-6.1
Erie County Property Info
County Tax Map (loads GIS page)
City of Buffalo Parcel Viewer
Parcel has now been added to parcel at 253 Allen


Robert Freudenheim was owner when taxes and maintenance were delinquent
JER/MBBA, a NYS agency, held the back tax liens to the property when it went to Housing Court

Physical Description

2 story brick commercial building.

Current Condition

Demolished in 2008.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2006 - Receives demo order due to demolition by neglect
  • 2006 - Kleinhann's Community Association hoped JER/MBBA would release it to public tax auction to wipe out previously owed taxes and allow new owner to take control instead
  • 2008 - Building is demolished in January

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