St. Paul's Episcopal Church


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St. Paul's in Shelton Square around 1910 and 2010


12 Church Street, Buffalo NY 14202
On Shelton Square
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.61-2-6
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Also known as 128 Pearl Street

Across from: S.G. Austin Building, 311-333 Main Street block, Erie County Savings Bank, Bank of Buffalo at Shelton Square, 156 Pearl Street, the Iroquois Gas Building, the Guaranty Building, Parish House, and 132 Pearl Street


St. Paul's Parish House

Physical Description

Gothic construction, Medina sandstone exterior,

Current Condition

Good condition, still in use as a church


  • The St. Paul's Episcopal Church's first building was wooden and built in 1821. This wooden building was the first permanent church building in Buffalo. It was built on land donated by Holland Land Co.
  • In 1851 Richard Upjon designed the sandstone, Gothic style structure.
  • On Acension Day, May 10, 1888, a large fire and explosions ravished the building and destroyed a large portion of the interior leaving only the tower and walls standing.
  • In 1890, architect Robert W. Gibson reconstructed the church. Gibson used stone instead of wood for the structural parts and retained the original walls. Many changes were made to the interior making it more spacious and ornamental. Only minor exterior changes were made.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • It was placed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1973.
  • It was also made a National Historic Landmark in 1987.


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