Wollenberg Elevator


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Wollenberg Elevator
Wollenberg Elevator

Photo credit: David Torke, FixBuffalo; HABS/HAER
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131 Goodyear, Avenue Buffalo NY 14212


  • City of Buffalo

Physical Description

  • A small grain elevator built primarily of wood, located in a residential neighborhood on Buffalo's East Side.
  • On the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Capacity 25,000 bushels

Current Condition

  • Demolished 2006-10-02
  • Vacant lot.


  • Henry Wollenberg and his sons Louis and John built the mill and elevator in 1912 to house their grain and seed business. The Wollenberg sons operated the business until 1952, when they sold it to Henry Babin, who continued to provide grains and seed, as time went on largely bird seed and animal feed. In 1989 the City of Buffalo took possession. One other private party owned the building and land, then it was struck to the City of Buffalo. The building was damaged by fire, caused by arson, in 2006 and was demolished on October 2, 2006, despite having being placed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Designed by C. H. A. Wannenwetsch & Co.
  • Built in 1912 in part from wood salvaged from the original wood Kellogg A Elevator.


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