Gohnís Place / Meyer's Tavern / Locker Room


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Photo credit: Frits Abell

1389 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY 14209

Next to: Gohnís Place / Delaware House
Across from:Crawford Monuments / Del-More Pharmacy


1389 Delaware LLC, formerly or currently Kevin Brinkworth

Physical Description

  • Two story frame commercial building with a cast iron facade.

Current Condition

  • Vacant and secure.


  • 1931 - Location of Joseph Gohn and son Charles' third 'Delaware House' tavern.
    • His first, at 2070 Delaware Avenue, was sold in 1898 for the 1901 Pan Am Exhibition. His second, at 1395 Delaware Avenue, was sold in 1931 for a gas station.
  • Joe Gohn is a reputed originator of Buffalo's iconic beef sandwich, the beef on weck.
  • 1943 - After Joseph's son Charles dies, the Gohn family sells the tavern to Art Meyer, who operated Meyerís Tavern until 1969
  • 1969 - Meyer's is sold to Jim Naples, and the tavern is renamed the Locker Room and operated through the 1990s

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • Lotus nightclub
  • Blush nightclub
  • 2018 - Rumored to be in the way of a new Rite Aid to be developed by Ellicott Development on the adjacent corner lot and perhaps adjoining lots.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Joe Gohn was perhaps the inventor but certainly the popularizer of Buffalo's renowned tavern food, beef on weck.


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