150 Edward Street


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150 Edward Street
150 Edward Street

150 Edward Street, 2015


Photo credit: David Steele, P-RS, Chris Schmidt, Chuck LaChiusa
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150 Edward Street, Buffalo NY 14201


Physical Description

  • The former Immaculate Conception church (Roman Catholic). Sandstone and brick.

Current Condition

  • Undergoing restoration.
  • Dennis Maher is converting the church, which he has renamed Assembly House 150, into "a living laboratory for artistic and architectural experimentation, a place he calls 'A Center for the Urban Imaginary' designed to nurture the city’s collective imagination." (Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News)


  • James Napora, at BuffaloAH: "The current structure is the amalgamation of two separate building campaigns. The transept and choir, dating from 1900, were designed by Max Beierl after travels to the cathedrals of Europe. Constructed of Medina sandstone, they contrast sharply with the nave and narthex. With the completion of the building in 1925, the seating capacity was increased to 900 people."
  • Detailed building and parish history at Assembly House 150 website

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • July 2017 - 150 Edward Street is on the July 17th Planning Board Agenda for a recommendation to operate a Cultural Facility in N2R Zone.
  • July 2017 - the Planning Board backed a special-use permit for Dennis Maher to operate a nonprofit art gallery and cultural facility for "underserved populations" in a former church building at 150 Edward St.

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