Fire House Engine No. 37 / Chemical No. 5


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Photo credit: Vintage Buffalo NY via Janice Jezewski Dale Rossi, Tom Bastin


166 Cleveland Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222
SBL: 100.30-1-13
Delaware Council District
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Physical Description

Art Nouveau fire house

Current Condition

In use as a residence


  • Built 1894
  • Designed by architect Edward Austin Kent
  • Chemical 5 was disbanded in 1920 courtesy Jason Whelan, user submission to Karl Josker's photo gallery
  • 1966 - Engine 37 moved to the demolished site of the former Engine No. 17

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 1989 - UB Dean of Architecture and Environmental Design, Bruno Freschi and his wife, converted the firehouse into residential space.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Architect Edward Austin Kent died on the Titanic after helping other passengers get to lifeboats.


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