Root, Neal, & Co. / Sidway Block


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Photo credit: David Torke, Mark Paradowski


178 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
178-194 Main Street
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.17-6-1.111
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Next to: Hotel Worth
Across from: Spaulding Exchange / Memorial Auditorium, Mansion House, Aud Pharmacy, 179 Main Street , 181 Main Street , 183 Main Street , Milwaukee Hotel, Gothic Hall


SENECA ONE REALTY LLC per propertyviewer
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Physical Description

Four story, multi-building complex on a corner parcel

Current Condition

Demolished by 1967. Now the parking garage for Seneca One tower.


Original owners: Franklin Sidway and Estate of Jonathan Sidway

Recent Events and Actions Taken

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