George Urban Elevator and Flour Mill


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George Urban Elevator and Flour Mill

George Urban Elevator and Flour Mill

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200 Urban Street, Buffalo NY 14211


  • BP Global Funds Inc.

Physical Description

Current Condition

  • Demolished. Parcel is now occupied by a one-story non-historic brick structure.


  • This was the site of George Urban Jr's largest flour milling plant.
  • George Urban was one of the first flour millers in the world to grind using roller mills and to use electricity to power his mills.
  • From "A History of the City of Buffalo", 1908 - "The immense new mill of the company, at Urban and Kehr streets, adjacent to the tracks of the New York Central Belt Line, was completed in 1903. This mill which is one of the best equipped and handsomest of its kind in the world today, was the first mill in Buffalo in which the motive power was exclusively electricity, brought here from Niagara Falls."

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