Milk-Bone Plant


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Photo credit: Mike Puma, ViewsOfBuffalo


216 Fougeron Street, Buffalo, NY 14211

SBL: 101.54-1-1


  • DEL MONTE CORPORATION per City of Buffalo Property Information
  • Delmonte became Big Heart Pet Brands after going private in 2014; J.M. Smucker acquired Big Heart in 2015.
  • Known locally as "the Milk-Bone Plant".

Physical Description

  • Pair of five- and seven-story brick industrial buildings; approximately 500,000 square feet.

Current Condition

  • Mostly original minus numerous windows and doors being bricked-in or covered up.
  • In heavy use as the Milk-Bone dog snack bakery.


  • Per David Bertola in Buffalo Business First: "When the plant opened in 1922, it was part of National Biscuit Co. In 1931, it acquired F.H. Biscuit Co., which had manufactured and packaged Milk-Bone biscuit since 1908. In 1955, the site was shut down and reconfigured to manufacture Milk-Bones two years later. The 500,000 square foot plant employs around 210 and is the largest manufacturer of Milk-Bone."

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