Wonder Bread Factory


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Wonder Bread Factory. Photos by Mike Puma, ViewsOfBuffalo


356 Fougeron Street, Buffalo, NY 14211


  • 974 East Delavan Trust

Physical Description

  • 180,000 sq.ft. steel-reinforced concrete "daylight factory" on a 3 acre lot. It has tall ceilings, large south-facing windows, and open layout to maximize the penetration of natural light. The exterior is faced in blond brick. The windows at top are references to the Roman arch. fixBuffalo

Current Condition

  • 2010 - per Pyramid Brokerage: 'Concrete floors, fully sprinklered, 2 freight elevators, new roof 2004, new supplemental heating system 2004, ample parking, active rail with siding. Site is fully paved and fenced/gated.'
  • 2012 - per fixBuffalo - "Two years ago the WONDER BREAD's N went missing, months later then the B. In October copper flashing was stripped"


  • Built in 1915 on Buffalo's Belt Line rail line.
  • Designed by C.B. Comstock.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2004 - Wonder Bread closes facility
  • 2008 - Electronic Recycling Technologies rents first floor space
  • 2010 - Listed for sale on Pyramid Brokerage website
  • September 2018 - Local landmark designation process has begun. Go here for text of application.

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