Puritan Building


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228 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY 14201
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 100.77-9-17
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Next to: 224 Allen Street and Hosmer Building
Across from: 229 Allen Street , The Allen


2013 - Noel Sutton (Sutton Development)

Physical Description

There is a commercial storefront first floor, followed by three floors of apartments with stacked window bays that appear to be clad in copper. Very ornate arched doorway.

Current Condition

Undergoing renovation in 2014. It looks like the cornice is missing. However the wood floors have been preserved,there are eight working fireplaces, interior transom windows, stained glass features, and intact wood carvings.


  • Built 1893
  • Former speakeasy and dinner, with apartments above
    • 1907-1925 - Pilgrim Dining Parlor
  • 1931 - Per Samuel Prince, it was purchased by his grandfather Jacob Prince for $10,000. Samuel's father and uncle sold it sometime between 1968-70 for $5,000.
  • It was owned from the 1960’s until 2012 by two gentlemen who lived in one of the units, but did not want to rent any of the other apartments. They did some decorative boarding of the front after windows were smashed during protests in the early 70’s. They have both since passed away. (source: neighbor, 2013).

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2013 - Noel Sutton (Sutton Development) acquires the building for $160,000
  • 2014 - Interior renovation underway

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Part of the Allentown Historic Preservation District


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