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230 Pratt Street, Buffalo, NY 14204
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.57-3-3
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Physical Description

Two story, 80,000 sq.ft. brick complex, part of what was once a larger brewery built in 1892.

Current Condition

The tallest portions of the brewery, seen in the historical photo, have been demolished. A long stretch of warehouse space, bearing the Iroquois Brewery name, still exists.


The Jacob Roos Brewery was founded in 1842. The Iroquois Brewery became its successor in 1892 when Leonard Burgwerger bought the operation, razed the existing buildings and built a new brewery. William J. Weigel, the owner of the Weyand & Weigel Bottle Work, bought the brewery from Burgwerger and expanded sales every year up to 1920. Iroquois survived Prohibition by brewing soft drinks and was the sole producer of near beer in town.

After Prohibition ended in 1933 it became the largest brewer in Buffalo, eventually reaching a capacity of 600,000 barrels per year. In the 1950s, Iroquois merged with a group of other regional brewers to form the International Brewing Company. In 1965, Iroquois again became an independent brewery.

At the time of its closing in 1971, Iroquois had outlived all other Buffalo breweries except for the William Simon Brewing Company, which closed a year later.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2010 - Jabril and Ellen Shareef begin renovations to the building, including windows and a new office
  • July 2014 - C&R Housing’s Living Green Insulation is producing mulch and insulation from recycled newspaper

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Iroquois was the longest operating brewery in Buffalo, closing in 1972. It started as Jacob Roos Brewery in 1830.


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