334 North Oak Street


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Photo credit: Mark Paradowski, Buffalo Rising


334 North Oak Street, Buffalo, NY 14203


Physical Description

  • One, Three, and two story brick commercial buildings

Current Condition

  • The one story building is in use but has no architectural details. The three story building has arched windows and a cornice but the facade brick has been painted and the replacement windows don't match their original openings. The two story building was modified for garage doors on the first floor with boarded windows on the second floor and painted facade brick.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • August 2014 - "Sienna Realty is receiving funding to help convert seven underutilized properties to residential space. (The project is) being assisted under the Buffalo Building Reuse Project (BBRP)." 'The funding involve a $600,000 loan and would create 21 residential units.' Buffalo Rising

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