Ellen Terry Theater / Siano Building


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2015 Proposal

December 2016

May 2017
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363 Grant Street, Buffalo NY 14213

Across from: 368 Grant Street (also owned by HES Properties)


  • HES Properties LLC (Chris and Matthew Siano)

Physical Description

  • Multi-story, 948 seat, brick theater on a corner parcel

Current Condition

  • After sitting as a vacant lot for 15 years, it was replaced by one of the few excellent infill buildings in the city


  • Mike Puma: "It was first the Grant, then the Amherst, and finally the Ellen Terry from what I can tell so far. Built in 1914, demolished in 2001 and designed by Mann & Cook."
  • November 23, 1914 - Grand opening
  • by 1926 - Operating as a movie theater
  • July 2, 1961 - Last day as a movie theater. Occasionally used for live theater again.
  • August 2001 - Demolished for a vacant lot.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • July 2015 - HES Properties proposed a three story 12,600 sq.ft. apartment building with first floor retail to be designed by architect John Wingfelder. Buffalo Rising

Other Pertinent Facts

  • 'The Ellen Terry Theatre was named after the English stage actress who was born in 1847 and died in 1928.' Cinema Treasures


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