368 Grant Street


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2011 vs 2013. Photo by Frits Abell, Chris Siano and Public Espresso


368 Grant Street, Buffalo NY 14213
Southwest corner of Grant and Potomac
SBL: 88.75-6-6
Niagara Council District
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Across from: Ellen Terry Theater.


Matthew and Chris Siano
HES Properties II LLC, per City of Buffalo Property Information
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

Three-story 6,000 sq.ft. yellow brick commercial building.

Current Condition

Being renovated.


  • Formerly Phil Martino’s West Side Appliance and Furniture

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2011 - The new owner described its condition upon purchase:
    • "The first floor was collapsed into the basement and the third floor was dropping 12” into the second floor. There was pigeon waste coating the entire third floor. There was asbestos in the window glazing, some flooring and all the roofing material. The parapet was so badly damaged it could have been pushed onto the street below and the sign on the front was so rusted it was falling off the building. There were several holes in the roof and when it rained the entire second and third floors would get soaked."
  • 2012 - Building sold for $32,500
  • 2012-2013 - $800,000 renovation
    • "In the interest of durability we went with bare aluminum (storefront windows, vs a dark finish that could scratch)... We gutted the entire building. We rebuilt the parapet and capped it with 5000lbs of blue limestone selected from a quarry in central New York. All four exterior facades were power washed, re-pointed and several solid stone sills were replaced ($100,000 in masonry restoration alone). We abated all the asbestos (another $50,000). Structural steel was added to the underside of the first and second floors. The entire first floor is new, as is all the roof decking and both roofs. All the windows are new. We installed two new roll up garage doors. The North Bay window and the south light well were completely rebuilt. The building has been insulated with spray foam insulation. All the mechanical services are new. " - Chris Siano
  • Future plans:
    • "There will be hardwood floors in all residential apartments. There are all new appliances including new washers and dryers in each apartment. In total, this has cost us $800,000 of our own money. " - Chris Siano
  • October 2014 - Public Espresso, a local coffee roasting company, plans to open a store here

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