AM&A's Warehouse


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Photos courtesy Vintage Buffalo via B&ECPL, and Mike Puma


369 Washington Street, Buffalo NY 14203
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.54-4-6.1
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Next to: Hotel Lafayette and Warehouse Lofts
Across from: AM&A's Department Store and Iroquois Hotel


Rocco Termini, Signature Development
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Termini also owns: Horton Coffee Building, Distillery Lofts, Houk Lofts, Hotel Lafayette, Oak School Lofts, Webb Building

Physical Description

Five-story, 90,000 sq. ft. building

Current Condition

Restored warehouse converted to loft apartments


  • The warehouse has been a combination of up to four buildings.
  • 1842 - Corner parcel used by Benjamin H. Austin house (per Vintage Buffalo)
  • 1875 - House used for business purposes (per Vintage Buffalo)
  • 1886 - The original center building of the warehouse was constructed
  • 1906 & 1911 - The two corner buildings were designed by Esenwein & Johnson
  • 1965 - Garage addition added
  • 2009 - The 1965 addition demolished for an extended rear entrance, elevator, and surface parking.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Renovated by Signature Development for market rate apartments in 2009. The rehab project cost $12 million and was directed by architects Carmina Wood Morris

Other Pertinent Facts

This building was the warehouse for the AM&A's Department Store across the street. An underground tunnel connected the two buildings below Washington Street.


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