St. Joseph's Old Cathedral


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60 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Also known as 50 Franklin Street
SBL: 111.61-2-16
Fillmore Council District
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Next to: St. Stephen's Hall, Buffalo Police Headquarters [second]
Near: Buffalo Police Headquarters [original]
Across from: Henry Street, Telephone Building


DIOCESE OF BUFFALO per City of Buffalo Property Information
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

Gothic Revival church

Current Condition

Original and in use


  • 1847 - Buffalo's first bishop, John Timon, establishes that this will be the new diocese's cathedral and begins raising funds
  • February 6, 1851 - Construction began in 1851. Designed by Patrick Keeley.
  • July 1, 1855 - Church dedicated in 1855
  • 1862 - The south tower was completed in the summer of 1862
    • "original plans called for two towers on the north and south ends of the facade; only the south tower was built" Wikipedia
  • 1863 - "The diocese had cleared its books of the $150,000 spent to build the cathedral. Free of debt, it could now be consecrated."
  • 1873 - Lady Chapel built at the rear of the cathedral
  • 1875 - Parish House constructed
  • 1912 - "Served as the 'Bishop's Church' until 1912 when St. Joseph New Cathedral was built."
  • 1977 - "The New Cathedral was demolished, and this building again became the diocesan cathedral."

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Buffalo Local Landmark
  • Part of the Joseph Ellicott Historic District


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