642 Broadway


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642 Broadway.


642 Broadway Street, Buffalo, NY 14212
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Ellicott Council District
SBL: 111.42-4-27
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Dr. Fadi Dagher per Buffalo News March 2016
Previously CHOUDHURY MUHAMMAD and RAHMAN MUHAMMAD per city propertyviewer

Physical Description

Two story, 22,000 sq.ft. concrete and brick building

Current Condition

Boarded up and undergoing renovation to damaged back wall, sprinkler system, and wiring.


  • Once "Gambrinus Brewing Co, formerly Kuhn's"
  • Per a former employee, building was used as a 'Hutchins-Angerts auto parts' store in the early 90's

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2/26/2008 - Tax Sale for $3000 per propertyviewer
  • June 2013 - Graffiti tag on front facade
  • March 2016 - Buffalo News article mentions that Dr. Fadi Dagher has purchased the property
    • "Cedarland is spending $400,000 to repair the crumbling rear wall and sprinkler system, rewire the building and prepare it for light industrial use." Buffalo News

Other Pertinent Facts

(:comment - !!Availability

Unconfirmed: Buffalo Craigslist - 642 Broadway. Contact phone number 716-391-3289. Text from Craigslist ad: "This is a good investment if you have the money. The front looks good when the boards are off however the back wall is falling as you can see in the pics. It also has city violations on it for the back wall. However if you purchase it, the judge has to give you enough time to repair it. I had a fall out with my partner and our partnership isn't going to work. My lost is your gain. Just looking for a decent offer. Thanks. I also own the building next door which is a store front and 2 apts. so let me know if your interested In that too. (Yellow building) God willing I'll post a photo of that so you can see for yourself.":)


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