Larkin Center of Commerce Building


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Photos by Larkin Center of Commerce and Mike Puma


701 Seneca Street Buffalo, NY 14210
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 122.26-1-1.1
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Across from: Larkin @ Exchange Building, Larkin 'U' Building, Hook & Ladder No. 5, and Larkin Administration Building


Seneca Development & Management Corporation
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Physical Description

The 1.3 million sq.ft. complex is a series of 10 contiguous buildings. It was completed in 1906 by the Larkin Company

Current Condition

Seneca Larkin Holdings has begun refurbishing the exterior, including the installation of new windows and an elastomeric coating system, as well as entrances on both Seneca Street and Exchange Street.

Large floor plates offer up to 175,000 square feet on one level.

The stucco facade remains in place for now over concerns about the cost of removal, and the damage it may cause to the original brick facade underneath


Built by the Larkin Company to provide manufacturing, retail and administrative support services for the firm.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

2011 - Seneca Development renovations performed to the building interior and exterior. The first floor is being positioned as retail and service, while Class A office space will be incorporated in the rest of the building in order to act as a commercial incubator. Jim Cornell, Peter Krog, and Gordon Reger have pushed the $6 million project forward.

2011 - Preservation Studios completed part one of the Historic Preservation Certification Application (Evaluation of Significance), potentially allowing the project to utilize historic tax credits

Other Pertinent Facts

  • The single largest building in Buffalo
  • Located within Buffalo's oldest manufacturing district, the Hydraulics Neighborhood.
  • Sept 2009 - Nomination for State and Local Register of Historic Places submitted for Hydraulics on a Multiple Property Documentation Form, laying the groundwork for property owners to designate other buildings in the neighborhood as historic.


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