Falcon Building


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7 Wadsworth Street, Buffalo, NY 14201
Parcel has now been added to parcel at 253 Allen Street
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 100.77-3-6.1
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Next to: Imperial Building, 253 Allen Street


SASALA RICHARD L JR per city propertyviewer
Robert Freudenheim was owner when taxes and maintenance were delinquent
JER/MBBA, a NYS agency, held the back tax liens to the property when it went to Housing Court

Physical Description

2 story brick commercial building

Current Condition

Demolished, vacant lot


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2006 - Receives demo order due to demolition by neglect
  • 2006 - Kleinhann's Community Association hoped JER/MBBA would release it to public tax auction to wipe out previously owed taxes and allow new owner to take control instead
  • January 2008 - Building is demolished

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