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Eckhardt / Sears Department Store


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Eckhardt / Sears Department Store
Bob Sienkiewicz, Marty Biniasz, P-RS


950 Broadway , Buffalo NY 14212
Northwest corner of Broadway and Fillmore.
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Fillmore Council District
SBL Number: 111.36-3-22
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Next to: 750 Fillmore Avenue
Across from: 937 Broadway, Union Stockyards Bank, 959 Broadway , and Goldin's


K L Eckhardt and others, Trustees, descendants of the original owner.
Feb 2015 - Under contract by an investment group that includes transplant surgeon Fadi Dagher, MD

Physical Description

Three story (plus basement), 42,000 sq.ft. early Art Moderne retail building. Made of concrete and steel. It includes a curved facade which includes granite, terra cotta, and stainless steel. The rear facade and service garage are made of red brick and cement.

Current Condition

Empty since 2004 but in pristine condition. It is steam boiler heated, air conditioned, fully wired, alarmed and has a working sprinkler system.


  • 1880s - John H. Eckhardt opens a store on the south-east corner of Broadway and Fillmore
  • 1894 - The Eckhardt Block, along with buildings to the north and east, are destroyed in a massive fire
  • Eckhardt moves and rebuilds on the north-west corner of the same intersection
  • 1920 - W. A. Morgan & Babcock, Inc purchases/leases the former Eckhardt building
  • 1923 - Boston Store takes over the location.
  • April 30, 1940 - Boston Store closes and the building is torn down
  • September 12, 1940 - Eckhardt’s opens a new store 20 years after his retirement
    • Constructed of current building is handled by local builders, Metzger Bros. Construction.
    • Designed by the local architectural firm of Lawrence Bley and Duane Lyman for Eckhardt.
  • May 6, 1941 - Kate L. Eckhardt dies
  • June 20, 1941 - John H. Eckhardt dies
  • 1941 - Due to the sudden deaths of its owners, Eckhardt's closes after only 1 year
  • September 18, 1941 - The building is sold to the Goldblatt Brothers from Chicago.
  • December 4, 1941 - Formal opening of Gold Bond Department Store
  • 1948 - Goldblatt Brothers, Inc. closes the store amid strong union protests.
  • 1949 - The building became a Sears, Roebuck, Co. store.
  • February 9, 1957 - Sears closed the location, leading to a variety of short term rentals using the 1st floor retail space
  • 1958 - State Division of Unemployment utilizes offices on second floor
  • 1961 - Delgato & Traky, Inc. Appliance Liquidators occupy the first floor
  • 1963 - Industrial Placement Center, NYS Employment Services
History via Marty Biniasz, Historic Polonia Preservation District and Broadway Fillmore Alive

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2004 - The last tenants, the NYS Department of Labor, moved out of the building.
  • 2008 - Broadway Fillmore Alive began working with the owners on attracting new owners or tenants.
  • February 2015 - from Chris Byrd of Broadway-Fillmore Alive: "Just received word that the iconic 950 Broadway (Eckhardt Building) has been purchased (closing in March) by a local investment group, led by Kaleida surgeon Dr. Fadi Dagher. He is same person who bought 998 Broadway recently. More soon! This is huge!!!"

Other Pertinent Facts

  • John H. Eckhardt had operated a store at this intersection since the 1880’s. The store is still owned by the same family today.
  • An almost mirror image building, the W.T. Grant Department Store, once stood on the corners of Main, W. Huron, and Pearl Streets. It was demolished in 1980.
  • Realty listing mentions "Historic tax credits available for renovation"
  • Bley & Lyman also designed the Art Moderne drive-up bank at 690 Fillmore Avenue.


  • March 2014 - McGuire Development Company is listing the property for $768,000. Previous listings had a $1 million+ asking price.
    • Get Connected: David Supon, McGuire Development
  • September 2014 - Hunt Real Estate is listing the property for sale at a price of $590,000.
    • Contact David Supon at Hunt Real Estate - 716-880-1923
  • Or contact Christopher Byrd at Broadway-Fillmore Alive if you're interested in leasing or buying this building.
  • January 2015 - Price dropped to $565,000
  • June 2015 - 'An investment group that includes Kaleida Health transplant surgeon Fadi Dagher, MD purchased the building for $374,000. A day care center and offices would be located on the lower level, a cafe, classroom, fitness center and pharmacy would occupy the ground floor, and medical offices and labs would take up the second and third floors.' Buffalo Rising


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