Sattler's Department Store


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998 Broadway Street Buffalo, NY 14212
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.36-5-6.11
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Next to, and now part of the same parcel as: Posmantur Men's Store
Across from: Broadway Market, Sattlers Annex, and Kobackers


KARNACK DEVELOPMENT LLC per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Physical Description

365,000 sq.ft. department store spanning most of the block. Previously home to a smaller three story Sattler's store, among a row of 2-3 story commercial and residential buildings.

Current Condition

Demolished in August 1987. Now a parking lot for a closed business, with a suburban style Aldi's in one corner.


  • 1889 - Sattler's was founded by 17-year-old John G. Sattler when he opened a one-room shoe store in his mother's home at 992 Broadway. That store would eventually become Sattler's main store.
  • 1950 - By 1950, it had expanded to cover 6 acres and a 365,000-square-foot flagship store.
  • 1982 - By 1982 when it closed, the Sattler's chain was owned by United Department Stores.
  • 1987 - The flagship store was razed and replaced with a K-Mart, which subsequently closed in 2002.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2002 - The K-Mart that demolished the Sattler closes after just 15 years in business, leaving an empty eyesore behind a large unused lot.
  • 2012 - An Aldi's was built in the parking lot of the shuttered K-Mart building. Their original plan was to replace the K-Mart building, before they built in front of it. Despite community pressure to build to the curb, as Sattler's had been, Aldi's was built with a suburban set back.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • "The most famous address in Buffalo"


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