155 Marion Street


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155  Marion Street
155 Marion Street
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155 Marion Street, Buffalo NY 14207


Physical Description

  • Two story brick commercial building.

Current Condition


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • April 2021: This building is owned by the same entity as the group of buildings at the northwest corner of Amherst and Elmwood, that the owner, Voelker's Bowling Inc., is asking to demolish.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • From a real estate listing for the properties, referencing the map at the top right of this page: The site of this property has a city block of frontage starting at 666 Amherst and runs east up to the corner. 680 Amherst turns north on Elmwood to Marion ending at the dead-end of Marion. Marion encompasses the entire frontage on the south side of Marion to the dead end. This property is also included in a portfolio sale of ten separate parcels including the corner of Elmwood/Amherst and Marion Street Parcel as indicated in green. The portfolio consists of approximately 3.38 acres.


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