668 Amherst Street


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668  Amherst Street
668 Amherst Street
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668 Amherst Street, Buffalo NY 14207


Physical Description

  • Two story frame dwelling house.

Current Condition

  • Appears to be vacant.


Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • April 2021: One of a group of buildings at the northwest corner of Amherst and Elmwood, that the owner, Voelker's Bowling Inc., is asking to demolish.

Other Pertinent Facts

  • From a real estate listing for the properties, referencing the map at the top right of this page: The site of this property has a city block of frontage starting at 666 Amherst and runs east up to the corner. 680 Amherst turns north on Elmwood to Marion ending at the dead-end of Marion. Marion encompasses the entire frontage on the south side of Marion to the dead end. This property is also included in a portfolio sale of ten separate parcels including the corner of Elmwood/Amherst and Marion Street Parcel as indicated in green. The portfolio consists of approximately 3.38 acres.


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