Schauroth & Co. Shoe Company


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181 Pratt Street, Buffalo, NY 14204
Part of a larger 412 William Street parcel
SBL: 111.57-4-1.1
Ellicott Council District
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Next to: Kleinschmidt's Malt House, The Crosby Company
Across from: Iroquois Brewery


CROSBY COMPANY (THE) per City of Buffalo Property Information
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

Four story brick industrial building

Current Condition


  • Likely built for the Schauroth & Co Shoe Company in the 1890s
  • Part of the Crosby Company complex

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Call to Action

  • Bernice Radle (Buffalo Young Preservationists), 12/28: "We're submitting the local landmark on 1/7/16 which means it won't get a review and approval by the Preservation Board until 1/20/16".
    • 1. Contact Council President Pridgen immediately and express your concern to pause the demo and talk about alternatives. This complex is insanely cool, historic and very dense - this could be a key player in the revitalization of this neighborhood!
      Darius G. Pridgen - Council President, Ellicott District Common Council Member. 1315 City Hall, Buffalo NY 14202. Phone: 716-851-4980; Fax: (716)851-6576.
    • 2. Contact your Common Council Member here and email / call him! Buffalo Common Council
    • 3. Email The BYP Team! Help us be louder and more effective!
  • December 1, 2015 - Demolition equipment found staged in vacant lot next door
  • December 3, 2015 - Demolition application discussed at Preservation Board meeting.
    • From Buffalo Young Preservationists: "A demolition has been requested by the owners for nearly the entire group of historic brick buildings on site, including the Theodore Kleinschmidt's Malt House at 193 Pratt. The demolition equipment is already onsite. Abatement has begun. The buildings are in great shape - there is NO emergency demo from City Hall. The entire brick complex is owned by Crosby Sheet Metal and according to the preservation board agenda, buildings 1,2,10,14 and 20 are coming down. These buildings could be reused or repurposed. They could hold the next brewery, start up maker company or loft project!"
  • December 17, 2015 - Preservation Board denies demolition request
  • January 7, 2016 - Preservation Board will review local landmark application
  • January 13, 2016 - Preservation Buffalo Niagara releases a statement that they have been working with the owners on alternatives, and that "the owners have engaged a local architecture firm to complete a stabilization plan to explore the long-term preservation potential of these structures... Preservation Buffalo Niagara is grateful to Buffalo's Young Preservationists for their contributions to this effort. On very short notice, BYP representatives launched a social media campaign to raise local awareness and were instrumental in generating interest among local developers."

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