Barcalo Manufacturing Plant


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255 Louisiana Street, Buffalo, NY 14204
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 122.47-1-1
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1035 ABBOTT ROAD CORP per propertyviewer
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Physical Description

Eight adjoining buildings varying from one to five stories, erected between 1896 and 1917

Current Condition

In use with multiple tenants


  • 1890 - 20 year old Edward Joel Barcalo came to Buffalo and worked for Buffalo Brass and Iron Bedstead Company
  • 1896 - Formation of the Barcalo and Boll Manufacturing Company in Black Rock at 166 Chandler Street
  • 1896-1917 - 8 various buildings are constructed as part of the Barcalo complex on Louisiana Street
  • The company had a diverse line of products, including metal furniture, mattresses, box springs, recliners (BarcaLounger), hand tools, parts for Ford cars, and airplane plates.
  • 1947 - Furniture manufacturer Chandler Industries merged with Barcalo, bringing Barcalo's original Black Rock factory back into the company.
  • 1950s - Edward Barcalo reduced his involvement with his company after 1947, but stayed involved throughout the decade
  • 1963 - Barcalo dies at age 93. Upon his death, the tool division is sold off to Crescent Niagara.
  • January 1965 - The company is sold to Mohasco Industries. All of the manufacturing was relocated to North Carolina.
History courtesy Alloy Artifacts; and WNY Heritage Press, via February 24, 1952 Courier-Express company profile by Lee Griggs

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • The company had a need for better bedrails, began forging them in house, used the excess capacity to forge tools, bought out a tool manufacturer (Charles E. Hall Co.) for their finishing equipment, and then were hired by Curtiss-Wright to make 90% of US airplane forgings during World War I.
  • For the first 30 years of business, Barcalo products were also sold in Larkin mail order catalogs.
  • One of Buffalo's many tool manufacturers, including:


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