Howard Iron Works


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Photo credit: Vintage Machinery, Mark Paradowski, PRS, Mike Lichtenberger


287 Chicago Street, Buffalo, NY 14204
SBL: 122.23-2-1
Fillmore Council District
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MOLLENBERG-BETZ MACHINE CO per City of Buffalo Property Information
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Physical Description

  • Multiple 2-3 story brick industrial buildings spanning a city block
    **'The premises, fronting on Chicago street, the Main and the Hamburg canals and Granger street, embrace something over two acres of the most valuable ground in the manufacturing district, two-thirds of which is covered by commodious and substantial buildings, containing the immense foundry, machine and wood-working shops.' Vintage Machinery

Current Condition

All demolished. Vacant lot.


  • 1830 or 1847/1949 - Howard Iron Works is founded in either 1830 or 1847 Vintage Machinery by Rufus L. Howard.
  • 1904 - In one reference,, Howard Iron Works was bought by J.D.Cousins and Sons
  • 1905 - In another reference, Vintage Machinery via the National Cooper’s Journal, the company was controlled by the Otis Elevator Co. by 1905
    • At some point after Otis, Alberger Gas Engine Co. bought controlling shares, run by Alvan H. Alberger. Edward B. Holmes, of the E. & B. Holmes Machinery Co. was vice president. Alberger gas engines were now manufactured at the Howard plant as well.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

Other Pertinent Facts

  • "Manufacturers of Hotel, Factory and Store Hydraulic, Power and Hand Elevators, also Grain Elevators, Printers' and Book-Binders' Machinery, Steam Engines, Shafting, Hangers, Pulleys, Bark Mills, Tannery Fixtures, Schlenker's Bolt Cutters, Howard Parallel Bench Vises, Taps and Dies, Set Screws, Every Description of Railroad Work, and Iron Castings in General" Vintage Machinery along with paper cutters, fire hydrants, transmission parts, nuts and bolts, etc. They manufactured fire hydrants into the early 1900s, and customers included the city of Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs.
  • One of Buffalo's many tool manufacturers, including:


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