Hotel Buffalo


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263 Washington Street, Buffalo NY 14203
Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.70-3-1.1
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Now part of a larger parcel that includes: Coal & Iron Exchange Building, Custom House, Sweet, Cook, & Co., J.M. Richmond Building, LA Woolley Building, Buffalo Wholesale Dry Goods Co.
Across from: Lewis Block, Ellicott Square Building, Gerot's French Restaurant, 38 Swan Street, Swan Ramp, and 50 Swan Street


City of Buffalo

Physical Description

13 story, 300-room hotel with an Art Nouveau design. The exterior form was derived from the Guaranty Building, but the Hotel Statler's concrete-encased, steel frame was clad in glazed polychrome terra cotta of stylized plant forms. This was the most extensive use of glazed polychrome terra cotta in the nation up to that time.

Current Condition

Demolished: 1968. It remained a "shovel-ready site" until 1986, when it became part of the empty open plaza in front of Coca-Cola Field (Pilot Field, Dunn Tire Park).


Designed by Esenwein & Johnson. Ellsworth Statler purchased the property for $90,000, invested his savings and borrowed $500,000 from Buffalo bankers. Constructed in 1907 at a cost of $750,000 and open by 1908, the revolutionary 300-room hotel had numerous innovations that became industry standard. These included circulating ice water in each room, interior light switches, single-handle lavatory faucets, built-in bathroom elements and a private bath for each guest room. It was so profitable in its first year, it inspired Statler to add a 150 room addition.

  • From "Forgotten Detroit": "In 1907 E.M. Statler builds his first permanent hotel in Buffalo New York. The 300 room hotel will revolutionize the hotel industry. It is the first hotel with a private bath with every room. Furthermore, Statler claims that there is not an inch of wasted space in it. The building is a marvel of design and incorporates many of Statler's great innovations. The kitchens are placed near the facilities they serve. 'Statler plumbing shafts' allow for inexpensive construction. Traveling salesmen find ample facilities such as ballrooms and sample rooms."

When the new Statler Hotel (1921-23) opened on Niagara Square, the original Statler was renamed Hotel Buffalo. The Hotel Buffalo closed in 1967 due to competition from suburban motels.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2012 - Jimmy Griffin statue added to plaza in front of Coca-Cola Field for his contribution in getting the stadium built

Other Pertinent Facts

  • It was the first hotel in the world with a private bath in each guestroom.


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