471 Delaware Avenue


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471 Delaware Avenue
471 Delaware Avenue
471 Delaware Avenue
471 Delaware Avenue
471 Delaware Avenue
Photo credit: Straubinger

471 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY 14202


  • Leostrong LLC

Physical Description

Current Condition


  • 1996: Artist Frank Cravotta painted the now landmark lion mural on the side of the building.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • John Straubinger on Facebook, 2017-09-30: "Scott Croce's restoration and mixed use project for 469 - 471 Delaware Ave is going before the Buffalo Preservation Board this upcoming Thursday. Croce intends to restore 471 Delaware's facade to its original condition. He also plans to restore the Lion Mural on the building's wall that faces the 469 Delaware property and Virginia St. The interior of the building will be rehabbed into offices on the first two floors and apartments on the top floor."

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