Mayer & Weil Building


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Mayer & Weil Building
Mayer & Weil Building
Mayer & Weil Building
Photo credit: Past and Present; Buffalo Rising


495 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14203
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Ellicott Council District
SBL Number: 111.46-9-8
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Adjacent to: 501 Main Street
Next to Century Theater when viewed along Mohawk
Across from: 11 East Mohawk Street, McDonalds Townhouse, Hens & Kelly Department Store, and Union Bank Building.


495 Main Street Land, LLC per propertyviewer
Dollar City Wholesale, Shaker Abuhamra
1210 E. Ferry Street Buffalo, NY
NYS Corporation and Business Entity Database

Physical Description

Seven-story building constructed in just three months in 1899. It had an American Renaissance style with terra cotta details.

Current Condition

Demolished. Replaced by bland two story building that has been vacant since 1998.


  • The longtime home of Bing & Nathan Furniture.
  • It was demolished in 1977 for a Burger King.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • 2007 - Iskalo Development had the property under contract with scuttled plans for a 15 to 20-story tower with condominiums and commercial space
  • February 2009 - Property listed for sale at $320,000
  • July 2012 - WNY School of Bartending had discussed purchasing the 2 story replacement building
  • December 2012 - The two story building on the property was bought by DC Wholesale Inc for $140,000

Other Pertinent Facts

  • Located in the 500 Block local historic preservation district


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