Schreiber Brewing Company


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Historic photo of lost structures. Photos by Buffalo Evening News, Mike Puma


662 N Fillmore Avenue Buffalo, NY 14212
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Fillmore Council District
SBL: 111.44-3-11.1
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  • Bison Claremont Associates

Physical Description

Two story brick building. The interior includes high-bay skylit industrial spaces as well as warehouse and office space. The Mural Room has murals painted by Copenhagen Artist Johannes Nielsen. These depict the history of brewing from ancient Egypt to the more recent scientific period showing images of Louis Pasteur and Emil Christian Hansen. (description courtesy David Steele)

Current Condition

Exterior brick has been painted blue. Empty for many years but still in decent condition.


  • The brewery was designed by mechanical engineer and architect Otto Wolf of Philadelphia.
  • Anthony Schreiber was a Polish immigrant originally named Pisac, or "to write." He changed his name to Schreiber ("Scribe") to compete with the German brewmasters. During Prohibition, he stayed open by manufacturing other products such as Manru coffee. Manru was the name of one of Paderewski's operas. (history courtesy BuffaloAH)
  • The architect for the company offices was Wladyslaw H. Zawadzki with a building constructed in 1909.
  • The Schreiber Brewery operated from 1899 to 1950.

Recent Events and Actions Taken

  • July 2019 - "Buffalo Brewing Company have announced plans to expand their operations, and have their sights set on the former Schreiber Brewery Company building. BBC is looking to purchase and renovate the former brewhouse after receiving funding through Empire State Development as part of the Buffalo Billions II project." Step Out Buffalo

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