Walbridge Building


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Historic photo: Buffalo Rising


41 Court Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Also known as 43 Court Street or 41-47 Court
SBL: 111.53-3-2
Ellicott Council District
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Adjacent to: Tucker Building
Near: Star Theater / E.W. Edwards
Across from: Mahoney Office Building, U.S. Court House, and Shea's Court Theatre


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Physical Description

Twelve floor, steel and brick Renaissance Revival office building with terra-cotta accents

Current Condition

In use. Only building of its block to survive demolition for the brutalist convention center


  • 1830 - George Brush Walbridge came to Buffalo and entered the wholesale grocery business, running the George B. Walbridge & Company by 1849. He then built several sailing vessels, purchased steamers, and established a line of shipping between Buffalo and Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, and other ports.
  • 1841 - George's son Charles is born and begins working for a hardware company named Pratt and Company in 1856.
  • 1869 - After serving in the military and working for Pratt and Company, he purchased Hadley & Nichols hardware. The company expanded to a location in the Sherman block, and later to the corner of Washington and South Division streets.
  • 1866 - Charles' hardware company absorbed Pratt & Company.
  • 1900 - 392 Main Street was erected, and used by the firm of Walbridge & Co.
  • 1924 - Walbridge Building built. Architects: Bley & Lyman
    • Ground floors used by Walbridge Hardware store
  • Since the 1970s, has been known as Convention Tower
History courtesy BuffaloAH via Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I

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